In order to consistently improve our customer service, Framiral offers:
PC technical assistance – remote control via Internet.

You have the opportunity, when having a question or a problem with one of our software product, to give us the control of your computer, so we have a better understanding of your concerns.
It is then much easier to make a demonstration, update the software, of troubleshoot.

Simple: Just call us to check our availability, connect to our website in the “Contact” menu, “Support” sub-menu (this page), and download the Support tool (orange arrow). Don’t worry, we keep you on-line while you do it!

Secure : The connection between your computer and ours is done via a standard protocol developed by AT&T and improved by Internet enthusiasts. The source code is open (no spyware).
The connection can only be made from our PC at Framiral, you cannot be connected to anyone else. If no connection is established after 5 minutes, the program ends automatically.

Non Invasive : Only you can open a connection with our PC. Nobody can access to your computer without consent. When a connection is requested, it is valid for this one time only, and ends whenever you or us decide it.

You just need a High Speed Internet connection!

So, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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