DVA device

A device for check-up and rehabilitation of the dynamic visual acuity, quantifying oscillopsia and head/eye coordination troubles.

Lightweight, durable, functional, adjustable, easy to use, equipped with a powerful sensor and suitable software, the new product allows for:
– Accurate measurement of the difference in vision, fixed head and head movement, in direct relation to the complaints of oscillopsia
– A measure of the effectiveness of different frequencies of vestibulo-ocular reflex in three planes of space, in the planes of the semicircular canals, or during natural movements, chosen by the examiner with the appropriate software.
– A tool for quantification and rehabilitation of oscillopsia, the head-eye coordination, and monitoring of progress.

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DVA device

Suitable for children from the age of 3 years with an adapted version.
Achieving matching the movements of everyday life measures.

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