Strong and simple machine whose support is got on springs and can be controlled via software, by means of pneumatic and electric pistons. All of this, to position the platform and make it either partially stable or leave it completely suspended. (Servoplatform).


Multitest Equilibre

This dynamic freedom mimics more accurately natural conditions that disturb proprioceptive information. With a central motorized support which is also electronical (captors) and a suitable software, Multitest Platform (Balance Quest) helps us to draw up quantified sensory diagnosis and rehabilitate. With the constant possibility of referring to the previous sessions (comparisons). You can also use a 3D FEED-BACK and a pendular or optokinetic together with a jerky stimulus.

Multitest software is now available in English.

The platform gives you the following information :
• surface described by the subject’s projection of the G center
• percentage of stability
• quotient of Romberg
• temporal and frequential analysis
• fall analysis

Pneumatic control of the platform tilt in three planes and results visualization in real time on the programming console.



Red Havana Blue Ivory

The sway is controlled by the pneumatic pistons supplied by a silent compressor.

The pneumatic and electronic system also allows us to create multidirectional suspended and tilted planes displayed graphically.


Quick or slow impulses can also give us the time of the subject’s reaction to regain his initial balance.

Of course, results (surface, percentage of stability…) and synthesis are calculated by the software.


Static and dynamic platform (in the three planes) allows us to identify in real time the gravity sensing ability of the patient. Thanks to an electronic link RS232, Windows (7, 8) collects this information and analyses it in order to get results.



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• Weight : 220 lbs (100 kg)
• Height : 62 inches (1.6 m) Diameter : 39 inches (1 m)
• Weight limit : up to 308 lbs (140 kg)
• Power : 110 or 230 VAC


• Thanks to Multitest (Balance Quest) software, the platform can
be controlled manually or electronically, with feedback
• Link with the optokinetic ball
• Printable results (PDF)