Track of light-emitting diode (LED) allowing you to get slow or jerky pursuits as well as, horizontal, vertical or oblique ones (head/eye synchronization).




The speed is calculated in degree/second according to the scrolling of these pursuits and is displayed on the luminous screen.
This Regled is operated by remote control or by the buttons behind the bar. The Regled is wall mounted.

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The luminous Regled is remote controlled and can work according
to different modes :
M1 : left / right movement
M2 : right / left movement
M3 : alternate movement
M4 : random movement
M5 : randomly speed/direction movement
M6 / M7 : extreme head rotations, either frequential or random
• Speed of scrolling
• SINUS Mode on M1, M2, M3
• Width and window of scrolling can be adjusted
• Infrared remote control or back buttons
• Can be associated to the HeadPointer, an instrument which permits a feedback


• Dimensions : tube 46 x 3 inches (116×7.5 cm)
• Height : 38 inches (96.5 cm), number of points : 128
• Weight : 3.80 pounds (1.8 kg)
• Power : 12 Volts