For years, our company has been developing its own software to control the various medical devices we design, and help the practitioner in his diagnosis and rehabilitation exercises.

  • FramiGest centralizes all of these applications in a user friendly interface, which helps keep the traceability of the patient.
  • Multitest6 controls the posturography platform “Multitest Equilibre“, and provides PDF printable results.
  • FramVideo captures any video input from your computer. Convenient and efficient when you want to record a VNS session.
  • VNG is essential for your Rotational Chair exams (BURST, NIR…), caloric exams, oculomotricity exercises, or just to observe and count spontaneous nystagmus.
  • Rotational Chair software (working with Framiral Rotational Chair) will help you in your diagnosis and rehabilitation exercises, by displaying instantaneous chair position, speed, and acceleration.
  • DVA software allows for a quick exam of the dynamic visual acuity of your patient, but also for efficient rehabilitation exercises (suitable for children).
  • VS software will control the Subjective Visual  Vertical device and save the results of your exercises. Optional : do VVS exercises via video-projector (not included), and go further with the Rod&Frame test, or the dynamic VVS (optokinetic).
  • FramiOpt complements the functions of the optokinetic stimulation device (Stimulopt), by offering the possibility to project optokinetic illusions on your wall via videoprojector (or using VR masks).
  • FramiCible will help you for your head/eyes synchronization exercises. It projects a luminous spot on the wall (via videoprojector) for linear, sinusoidal or saccadic pursuits. For a better feedback, you can use it with the Headpointer.